2020 Tri-State's Got Talent Winners

The 2020 Tri-State’s Got Talent competition was conducted in October. The Next Step Dance team was selected as the winner after submitting their talent for judging. Tune-in to WFIE Channel 14 on February 13, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. to watch this exceptional dance team share their talent.



Tri-State's Got Talent FAQ's

Auditions are open to individual and group acts of all ages and abilities.

Tri-State’s Got Talent and The Really Big Show are family-friendly events. Singing, dancing, skits, stand-up comedy, acrobatics, juggling and everything in between are gladly welcomed, but you are encouraged to be mindful of our audience.

From October 1 through October 31, 2020, audition videos should be submitted via YouTube link or mp4 file to Cinda Phillips, Vice President of Development, at cinda.phillips@arcofevansville.org.

We ask that all audition videos remain under two minutes. Longer videos will be accepted; however, we cannot guarantee they will be viewed in their entirety, so make sure to show us some of your best talent within the first two minutes.

At the beginning of your video, please state your name or group’s name loud enough that it can be heard and what city you’re from. You do not have to be a resident of the tri-state; however, if you win, you will be required to submit a final video of your act.

Also, remember to have fun! Smile, do YOUR best and have a good time making your video!

The 2020 Tri-State’s Got Talent Winner will have the opportunity to be included in the 2021 Really Big Show via pre-recorded video as this event will also be held virtually.

The Tri-State’s Got Talent participants and winner will receive no monetary compensation.

Judges will include staff from The Arc of Evansville and The Really Big Show’s Creative Team. Judging will take place between November 4 through November 11, 2020. Contestants will be ranked on a 1-5 scale in the following categories: Quality, Uniqueness and Appropriateness for The Really Big Show. Final tallies will be totaled together to determine a winner.

The 2020 Tri-State’s Got Talent Winner will be announced on Monday, November 16, 2020 at 12:00pm CST on both www.arcofevansville.org/tsgt and The Arc of Evansville’s Facebook page.

Please reach out to Cinda Phillips, Vice President of Development, at cinda.phillips@arcofevansville.org or (812)428-4500 ext. 307 with any questions about Tri-State’s Got Talent and video submissions.