Students with disabilities who are preparing to transition into young adulthood can participate in a number of services offered.

Making family life better has always been a motivation for the services we provide. Trained staff members work with individuals with disabilities, family members, and direct care professionals to help clients reach their personal goals.

Students and young adults can participate in the following:  

  • Connections For Life (CFL) program, which is designed to enhance their quality of life through increased interaction and participation with social, education, recreational, and volunteer activities. Also available through the CFL program is one-to-one training for clients to learn daily life skills in their own home.
  • Behavior Support Services, which aims to help students further acclimate themselves with adulthood by receiving one-to-one services to work on specific skills, such as adopting new behavioral habits.

Teen LINK Summer Program

To meet the needs of working families looking for quality care in the summer months for loved ones over the age of 12, the Teen LINK Summer Program was created in 2016.

The Teen LINK Summer Program is a community-based program that includes opportunities for teens to:

  • Learn vocational skills through community volunteerism
  • Develop social skills by participating in community activities
  • Advance their daily living skills as they learn to access public services such as transportation, the post office, and library

For more information on the Teen LINK Summer Program, please contact Lea Dycus at (812) 428-4500 x316 or at

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Services For Students & Young Adults