March is Disability Awareness Month and a perfect time to raise awareness and understanding of disability issues within our community.

Did you know that more than 27% of Indiana’s population includes adults and children with disabilities? Disability awareness is important to us all, not only in March but the whole year!

The Arc of Evansville works throughout the year to promote and protect the rights of individuals with disabilities and create opportunities for them to live, learn, and work as valued members of their communities.

Support The Arc of Evansville and people with disabilities by participating in our weekly Azzip and Hacienda givebacks, donating directly, sharing our mission with others, and participating in Purple Day and Orange Out Day!

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To kick off the year, we’re celebrating Disability Awareness Month in March! It is a time to recognize and celebrate how people with disabilities are living longer, more productive lives and promoting the equity and inclusion of all people with disabilities.

The Arc of Evansville’s Disability Awareness Month Online Auction will be held March 15-22, 2024! Register for the auction now! New items will be added daily leading up to the start of the auction. 

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Barrel of Fun Raffle

What you’ll find in the “barrel”:

  • Proof and Wood Extraordinary American Blended Whiskey; Bottle No. 89 ($200.00)
  • Bardstown West Virginia Barrel Rye Whiskey ($141.00)
  • Varsity Liquors Exclusive J. Mattingly Trail Blazer Small Batch Limited Edition Private Barrel Select ($117.00)
  • Michael Straight Bourbon Whiskey ($103.00)
  • Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. Double Oak Bourbon Whiskey ($100.00)
  • Horse Soldier Bourbon Barrel Whiskey ($91.00)
  • Wheelbarrow ($80.00)
  • Rose Cask Straight Whiskey Penelope ($76.00)
  • Hard Truth Sweet Mash Rye Whiskey ($74.00)
  • Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ($70.00)
  • Four Roses Small Batch Select ($63.00)
  • Heaven’s Door ($63.00)
  • Hard Truth Sweet Mash Four Grain Bourbon ($53.00)
  • Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Kentucky Bourbon ($50.00)
  • Crown Royal Regal Apple Whiskey ($50)
  • Jefferson’s Reserve Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ($50.00)
  • Buffalo Trace ($43.00)
  • Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ($40.00)
  • Middle West Bourbon Cream ($35.00)
  • Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon ($35.00)
  • 1792 Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon ($35.00)
  • Ballotin Caramel Turtle ($27.00)
  • Ballotin Peanut Butter Chocolate ($27.00)
  • Ballotin Chocolate Toffee ($27.00)

*Donated by: The Arc of Evansville’s Board of Directors and Staff 

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