You can help make a difference. We welcome individuals and groups who want to share their time and talents to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Why Volunteer?

1) Connect – Meet new people and connect with your community
2) Impact – Make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities
3) Develop – Gain new knowledge, skills, and experience
4) Satisfaction – Feel appreciated and gain a sense of fulfillment
5) Health – Volunteering is good for your mind and body


*At this time, The Arc of Evansville is offering virtual volunteering opportunities. There are lots of fun ways to still interact with individuals in our Days Services for Adults Program!

Below are suggestions for different activities that can be done virtually:

HOST A VIRTUAL GAME SHOW: Play an assortment of games that can be done individually, in teams, or as a group; EX: Bingo, Categories (individuals come up with lists of things in certain categories in a set time frame such as: names of candy bars, things in a backpack, fruits and vegetables, etc.), Mad Libs, Name-Place-Animal-Thing (pick a letter and challenge participants to come up with a name, place, animal, and thing that start with that letter).

CARD DECORATING PARTY: Give artistic guidance to participants while decorating cards that can be mailed to people in need.

DEMONSTRATIONS: Singing and/or playing an instrument (encourage a group sing-along!), Dancing or exercising (should include standing and seated modifications).

CRAFTS: Guide participants as they follow along while creating something new.

Virtual volunteering activities are not limited to those listed above!

 For more information about volunteering, please call Kayla McCay at (812) 428-4500 x309 or email

Why I volunteer!

 - Ken Goans, Day Services For Adults Volunteer

"Volunteering at The Arc of Evansville in the Day Services For Adults program and sharing music is a different experience for me. When instructors use sign language for the words of a song, I feel like I am part of a bridge being built, and it is exciting. Adults in the Day Services program welcome you, interact with you, and thoroughly enjoy your visit. I know my efforts of volunteerism at The Arc of Evansville are appreciated by those served in the program, and I continue to volunteer because of the friendships I’ve made and the fun we have together."

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