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October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Through The Arc of Evansville’s Arc Industries, Community Job Link program, and Arc Enclaves, individuals with disabilities are able to secure community-based employment. These individuals play a vital role in our community and we’re very proud of them. We’d like to highlight recent accomplishments by some of the individuals in these programs!

Danyelle is a reliable employee at Arc Industries! She has recently been tasked with inspecting pieces that are put on an assembly line. This job comes with a high level of responsibility, and she has been doing an excellent job. She’s always kind to others. She is also attending school to become a Library Tech. Keep up the great work, Danyelle!

“Danyelle sets very high expectations for herself and works hard to meet them! She’s very happy, thoughtful, and hardworking. I know she’s going to achieve her goals!” -Becky Schmitt, Data Entry Clerk

Scott recently tried out a new job at Arc Industries! His new job is one of the most physically challenging jobs at the facility. He was determined to give it a try and is now excelling at it! Scott has also been learning other new job skills lately. He keeps a positive attitude and is always willing to help out other associates. Great job, Scott!

“Scott is good-natured and is very helpful to other associates and me. His friendly attitude keeps everyone’s moods and spirits lifted throughout the day!” -Beverly McBride, Team Leader

Mike is a consistent floor helper at Arc Industries and is someone the staff depends on daily. He is a hard-worker who will do anything that is asked of him. He works efficiently and doesn’t stop until the job is done. He also has a great sense of humor! Way to go, Mike!

“I can always depend on Mike. His work ethic is phenomenal! I’ve worked with him for 8 years and haven’t heard him complain once.” –Page Atwater, Team Leader

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