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Chase is frequently trying out new roles within Arc Industries. Previous roles have included preparing buckets, making tube inspections, packing Enfamil canisters, and hot gluing cardboard boxes to prepare them for other uses. His current role includes inspecting and preparing barrels. His curiosity and willingness to try new things have helped him develop a wide range of skills. Of all the things he’s learned, he had one skill come to mind as being the most gratifying to master. “Using the tape gun correctly! That was a tough one,” said Chase.

When Chase first started working at Arc Industries 13 years ago, he was known to be a quiet person. Over the years, his job allowed him the opportunity to come out of his shell and share his creative side with others. He enjoys music and used to bring in his guitar to play for his coworkers during lunch breaks. He’s also a talented artist and enjoys making drawings that he gives as gifts. His supervisor, Samantha, cherishes a drawing of tulips Chase gave to her. She keeps it hanging in her office. “His drawing makes my heart smile!” Samantha said.

Arc Industries provides Chase with an environment where he is learning new skills, earning a paycheck, and increasing his independence. He has a real-world work opportunity and is gaining critical employment skills. As Chase learns new skills, his job performance and quality of life are improving. When asked what his favorite moment at work has been, Chase replied, “This interview!” Chase is proud of all that he’s accomplished and is excited to share his story with others. 

Community-based employment is a goal for many people with disabilities. These individuals have a desire to work and contribute to society in a meaningful way. As a community, we must continue to provide these opportunities. Together we are the lifeline for hundreds of individuals with disabilities who want to have a fulfilling life. Your continued support is critical in helping those we serve achieve their goals and reach their full potential.