He’s making an impression at the ballpark.

It didn’t take long for Philip to find his stride at Bosse Field, where he started working for the Evansville Otters this summer. He’s worked several jobs through the Community Job Link program for many years, but decided to take some time off in 2020. This year he felt he was ready for a new work experience where he could gain new skills.

At the beginning of the summer, he learned how to help prepare and wrap food in the concession stands. Philip’s supervisor, KJ, was immediately impressed with his attentiveness and eagerness to continue learning new skills. Because of this, after just a month, his role grew to include assisting the cashiers and helping keep the 3 main concession stands stocked. He adapted to his new responsibilities quickly and now works independently. When asked if there are any other milestones he’d like Philip to reach, KJ replied, “He’s been doing such a great job keeping an eye on the stock at our main concession stands. I’d like to work with him on some tasks that give him even more responsibility to help him continue expanding his skills. He’s a great asset to our team!”

Philip has made quite an impression at Bosse Field this summer. When staff members and guests saw him being interviewed before an Evansville Otters game, many stopped to comment on how much they enjoy having him at the ballpark. A season ticket holder who regularly attends games said that she always makes a point to visit “The Grill” for her snacks or dinner. She does this so that she can say hello to Philip and ask how his day has been. She has a grandson who has disabilities, and she said it makes her so happy to see the services The Arc of Evansville provides to other individuals with disabilities to help them succeed. Keith Millikan, a member of the front office staff, said, “Philip is great with our customers! He makes the effort to give quick and friendly service, no matter what!”

With the assistance of the Community Job Link program, Philip was matched with a job that fits his skill set and has given him a chance to flourish in the workplace. He’s excelling in his position and will continue to learn and grow from this job experience. He’s happy that he tried something new this year. Individuals with disabilities have so much to offer when given a chance. As a community, we must continue to provide these opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Your continued support is critical in helping those we serve achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

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  1. Sherry Bass Reply

    Phillip is awesome. I used to see him a few days a week when he worked at the IGA on Morgan ave. He was very friendly and very helpful. He always had a smile on his face. Even though it has been a few years since I ladt saw him I have often wondered how he was doing.

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