From quiet and reserved to a confident leader.

Though he might seem shy at first, he lights up when you ask him about his job. Michael used to be someone who was quiet and reserved. He’s grown to become someone who now takes the initiative and shows leadership among his team of coworkers. Michael’s job has been instrumental in increasing his independence and confidence.

Michael was successful at The Arc’s AmeriQual and TJ Maxx Enclaves. He now works at The Arc’s MetroNet Enclave, where he’s been employed for a year and a half. His responsibilities include organizing, repackaging, and labeling Wi-Fi units that are sent off to be used in the field. He’s learned many new skills through this job and is most proud of his attention to detail and accuracy, both of which are crucial to the work he does.

At the beginning of his employment, Michael shied away from praise, conversation, and joking around with his co-workers. He was known to keep to himself most of the time. He’s now grown to be much more comfortable with his team. Michael’s supervisor, David, is proud of the tremendous progress Michael has made in his self-confidence. When asked about the ways David has seen Michael grow in the past year, he said, “You can tell that his confidence and comfortability have really had a positive impact on how he feels about himself and his work.” Michael is now comfortable making his own decisions and is confident in his ability to complete his work. He works independently and takes the initiative to complete tasks that need to be done.

Michael has a very impressive productivity rate in his position. He completes an above average amount of work daily. He aims to set a good example for his teammates each day and help them accomplish their goals. He encourages them to achieve their best and says that focus is the key to getting to where you want to be.

You can tell that Michael has the drive to succeed and to do his job well. When Michael was asked what his proudest moment at work has been so far, he instantly got a smile on his face. He said it was the day he was able to get 60 boxes of units done in one shift. That’s about 1,200 Wi-Fi units and a very big accomplishment. Hearing and seeing him recall this special moment showed how much fulfillment he finds and the pride he takes in his work.

Being employed makes a significant impact on the life of an individual with disabilities. It gives them the opportunity to learn new skills and offers the opportunity to grow and thrive. As a community, we must continue to provide these opportunities. Your continued support is critical in helping those we serve to achieve their goals. Together we are the lifeline for hundreds of individuals with disabilities who want to have a fulfilling life.

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