He found community and purpose in a challenging time.

It’s no secret this past year was challenging. We all were challenged to overcome obstacles and adapt to an ever-changing environment. Adam showed strength and resiliency by continuing to go to work and going above and beyond his work responsibilities, despite the difficulties that COVID posed for his workplace. His job gave him a sense of purpose and community in a dark and lonely time.

Adam is considered a staple at Bud’s Harley-Davidson, where he’s worked for 3 years. When he was first hired, Adam already had a wide range of skills he learned through previous Community Job Link positions he’s worked at over the last 12 years. His past jobs have included working at the University of Evansville and with the Evansville Otters. If there was anything that he didn’t already know how to do, he learned it quickly on the job. Adam’s current responsibilities include keeping the building and showroom floor clean, as well as occasional maintenance tasks. His previous knowledge, combined with the new things he’s learned, enable him to now do his work with complete independence. He manages his work-day and job responsibilities, increasing his confidence and providing a sense of empowerment.

Adam really enjoys the people he meets when working. When asked what his favorite part of his job is, he replied, “the people, especially Dawn, my supervisor.” He has been very pleasant with customers and his co-workers since his first day of work. He’s created friendships with his co-workers over time. He’s also built relationships with many of the repeat customers in the store. “He’s very welcoming and makes conversation with our customers easily. He’s always willing to jump in and help customers any time other staff aren’t available. We all really appreciate him and love having him as part of the team,” said Dawn Morand, the store owner.

Adam’s job at Bud’s Harley-Davidson has led him to fulfilling experiences outside of the workplace. He’s gotten connected with the local chapter of Rolling Thunder, with whom he’s actively involved. He participates in the different ceremonies they do for families of military service members. He also participates in other community events that are hosted at Harley-Davidson. His favorite event to attend is the one that they host for “9-1-1 Gives Hope.” It brings in local first responders, police officers, and firefighters dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities in our community. This event is extra special to Adam because he used to be a volunteer firefighter.

It only took a few minutes to pick up on Adam and Dawn’s bond in the workplace. In addition to both of them having been volunteer firefighters, they have a great sense of humor and share many inside jokes. The jokes aside, they also share a mutual respect and appreciation for each other. It’s apparent that Dawn values Adam as an employee and believes he plays an important role on their team. She makes an effort to recognize any time he’s performed his job well. “He’s a great employee, and we’d like to keep him for a long time! He stuck with us through COVID last year, and we have all been so appreciative of the way he stepped up and helped wherever needed,” said Dawn.

As a community, we must continue to provide these opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Your continued support is critical in helping those we serve to achieve their goals. When you support The Arc of Evansville, you enable the individuals we serve to discover even more value in their lives and form lasting bonds with others in the community through employment opportunities. Together we are the lifeline for hundreds of individuals with disabilities who want to have a fulfilling life.

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