Free Upcoming Webinar: Planning for School & Distance Learning for Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Inclusive Environments

Whether your child started the year in the classroom, virtually, or a hybrid of the two, a student’s typical day may look very different this year. Additionally, it is likely that the manner in which instruction is provided may need to pivot during the year because of the impact of the pandemic.

How can educators and families figure out what meaningful instruction and supports will look like this school year?

Register for The Arc@School’s free upcoming webinar to prepare for whatever the 2020–2021 school year may bring.

The TIES Center, the national technical assistance center on inclusive practices for students receiving special education services and supports, will serve as guest speakers. During the webinar, we will review the 5C Process, which is used for identifying learning priorities for each student with intellectual disabilities and building continuity between their inclusive environments and instructional supports to provide meaningful instruction across their day.