Legislative Update

Last week was the committee report deadline, meaning all bills had to be heard and voted out of committee in order to continue in the legislative process.

Three of our bills passed out of committee and are moving along in the legislative process. Two of these bills have made it through the amending process, also known as second reading.

The second reading deadline is Monday, March 2nd, followed by the third reading deadline on Tuesday.

Bills to Watch

HB 1341- Students with Disabilities
Requires the State Advisory Council on the Education of Students with Disabilities to develop a plan to reach out to students who left school from the year 2003 with an IEP and provide resources to them on how to obtain a diploma and skill up their talents for a better-paying job. This bill is on second reading Monday in the Senate. To view the Senate in Session visit www.iga.in.gov.

HB 1176- First Steps
This bill updates the Interagency Coordinating Council to allow for a Vice Chair on the Council, language in statute to provide for habilitative and rehabilitative services and requires insurance providers upon new issuance of insurance cards to put on the card an indicator if the plan is self-insured or fully insured. This bill has to voted on by Tuesday to keep moving along in the process.

SB 346- Students with Disabilities
Requires accommodations laid out within a student’s IEP to be used within the statewide assessment, once the assessment has been split into reading and reading comprehension categories. This bill has to be voted on by Tuesday to keep moving along in the process. 

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