Services for Children

Services for Children

Services for Children Option 2The Arc of Evansville takes great pride in providing services to children both with and without disabilities as young as six weeks to six years during the school year, as well as, children up to the age of twelve during the summer months. While we are staffed with exceptionally trained professionals who are certified in Early Childhood Development, our safe, secure facility is accessible for all children of all ability levels. Whether children need support in learning new behavioral habits in our Behavior Supports Services or new social habits in our Connections For Life program, The Arc of Evansville can accommodate specific needs for each child served. Parents can also choose to enroll their children in our inclusive, nationally-accredited, and state-licensed Child Life Center to receive high-quality programming while advancing their educational and developmental levels or receive specialized assistance in their family home with the Participant Assistance & Care program.


Achieve with Martha

Soon to be five-year-old Martha has been attending The Arc of Evansville’s Child Life Center (CLC) since she was an infant. Early in her life, Martha was diagnosed with Down syndrome and exhibited delays in achieving developmental milestones in areas such as language, motor, social, self-help, and cognition skills. Not long after her initial enrollment date at the CLC, Martha began making significant strides in her development. In fact, at just eight months, Martha began to sit unsupported, a task that was not typically achievable for a child her age with Down syndrome. Today, Martha continues to make significant progress in a preschool classroom. She’s even discovered new hobbies such as drawing and riding an adaptive tricycle.

In 2014, with funding from The Welborn Baptist Foundation, The Arc of Evansville developed a resource guide that provided information to families about a variety of local, state, and national resources that are available for parents of infants and young children. The guide has recently been reprinted and is titled “Raising a Healthy Child: A Family’s Guide to Local Resources for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers.” Information to new parents about developmental milestones, support services, and other medical, therapeutic, and educational resources for families and children is included. Many of the services and supports mentioned in the resource guide are specifically designed for children with developmental delays or disabilities; however, the guide’s overall content addresses the developmental milestones that all children typically experience. Deaconess Women’s Hospital and Deaconess Riley Children’s Services are reprinting and distributing this valuable tool.