Connections For Life

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Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Connections-For-LifeConnections For Life (CFL) provides one-to-one support to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families through two components, Community Habilitation-Individual and Participate Assistance and Care (PAC). Both components allow individuals with developmental disabilities to become an integral part of their communities by volunteering at local nonprofit organizations; participating in social, educational, and recreational activities; enhancing their quality of life with increased social interaction; and developing new friendships. The PAC component is unique because it can take place in the family home while family members are present or not. Services are provided based on the needs of the individual and are not limited to week days or daytime hours.  Contact Sierra Nunez, Manager of Residential & Community Integration Services, at 812-428-4500, ext. 319, to learn more about this service.

We believe that individuals with disabilities have the right to be full-fledged members of their community and should have maximum control over their own lives. Individuals who have enhanced their daily living skills and are ready to become more involved in the community can utilize CFL’s services.

Through person-centered planning, self determination and one-to-one support ratios, CFL the supports necessary for individuals with developmental disabilities to take part in all aspects of community life. Initially, a CFL staff member helps the participant identify his or her talents, gifts, goals, and dreams. The specific information gathered about the participant is then used by staff members to ensure that he or she is successful in becoming an active, contributing member of the community. As the individual identifies and sets his or her goals, the staff member helps locate the appropriate partnership or community organization that best fits the individual’s interests. The staff member ensures all parties are comfortable with the expectations and goals, as well as provides additional support in other aspects of community and social life. If the experience isn’t mutually beneficial, another connection is sought. Gradually the staff member will step back, enabling the individual to ultimately achieve his or her own success.