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Resized CARF imageThe Arc of Evansville offers nine programs and services to best meet the needs of approximately 750 individuals with disabilities served by our agency. Our services exist to assist individuals with disabilities throughout their entire lives. We offer different programs for children as young as six weeks to teenage students and young adults to adults in their gerontology years. These innovative services range from training and supports for employment, transition services from high school to adult life, volunteer opportunities in the community, and the development of life skills, in addition to an inclusive child care center for children both with and without disabilities. For more information, contact The Arc of Evansville.

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Three-year-old Martha has been attending the Child Life Center since she was an infant and has made significant progress in her development.

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Nate Breeden first started attending The Arc of Evansville in 2008 with the Community Job Link program and now sits on the agency’s Board of Directors.

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Mike has performed well in every position he has held with The Arc of Evansville. He began working at Arc Industries four years ago and during that time his job skills consistently improved. First, Mike completed piece rate work at Arc Industries and earned a piece rate wage. Because he finished his tasks carefully and quickly, Mike transitioned to an hourly rate job that required quality and precision. Again, Mike excelled, and today he is working at an enclave site for The Arc. Mike is thriving and says this is the position he enjoys the most because of the consistent work schedule.

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